Screening Audiometers

  • ma-1-all-access-web-2016

    Small battery-operated air-conduction screener fits in the palm of your hand.

  • ma-25-small-web-2016

    Portable air-conduction audiometer with full range of frequencies.

    Available Upgrade Option: MA 25e

  • ma-27-with-accessories-no-background-no-logo-small-website-image

    Portable air-conduction audiometer with all-in-one sturdy case for easy transport and quick set-up.

  • ma40_hardcase_sm

    Portable air/bone conduction audiometer built for tough, rugged durability.

  • pilot-test-with-board-for-website
    Child-friendly air-conduction audiometer and built-in spondee word test in a portable unit.