MAICO easyTymp handheld Tympanometer

easyTymp Line

Fast, portable, easy — our handheld easyTymp performs accurate tympanometry and ipsilateral reflex tests within seconds. easyTymp is not only fast it also eases the process of screening for all professionals: the device automatically increases the intensity of the four frequencies of the ipsilateral reflex test until it detects a reflex or reaches the maximum. With these automatic tests, even first-time users will get the most accurate results.

Select protocols easily with one hand. The standard protocols include tympanometry with 226 Hz and ipsilateral reflexes with automatic threshold detection or with fixed levels. Store the test results directly in easyTymp. The handheld tympanometer stores more than 1000 measurements. With the included MAICO software, test results and patient data can easily be transferred to a PC.


Features at a glance:

  • Fast and accurate handheld tympanometer with automatic tests
  • Probe tone 226 Hz, optional high frequency tone 1 kHz
  • Ipsilateral reflex frequencies 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHZ, 4 kHz (contralateral with Plus Version and Pro Version)
  • Pro Version with reflex decay testing (ipsi- and contralateral) and eustachian tube function (ETF) test for intact and perforated eardrums
  • High resolution, full color display
  • Stores more than 1000 measurements
  • Optional wireless thermal printer
  • Optional MAICO Sessions PC software connectable with OtoAccess® or Noah patient database for easy data management

Middle Ear Analysis with MAICO easyTymp

easyTymp Plus — Ipsi- and Contralateral Tests Form a Big Plus

Additional to all the functions in the Basic Version, the easyTymp Plus offers automated contralateral reflex tests with its extra long contra probe. The contralateral reflex tests are performed with automatic and fixed reflexes based on the protocol selected. For the high frequency tone, contralateral reflex tests perform at 80 dB SPL with broadband noise.

Handheld impedance measurement with MAICO easyTymp

easyTymp Pro — Diagnostic Functionality for the Pros

Get everything you need for middle ear screening and diagnostic testing with the easyTymp Pro version. This version includes all functions of the Basic and Plus version and adds reflex decay (ipsilateral and contralateral) and Eustachian Tube Function (ETF) testing (intact and perforated) on top.

easyTymp versions and tympanometry protocols

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