Tremetrics RA660


Save time and money in your hearing conservation program by testing up to eight people at the same time with the TREMETRICS RA660. The included TREMETRICS HearCon Software makes testing comfortable and intuitive: Choose between manual or automatic testing.

Features at a Glance:

  • Quickly test up to 8 people at the same time
  • Intuitive testing with TREMETRICS HearCon Software
  • Optional room monitor for analyzing ambient noise
  • Talk-over communication to any or all test subjects
  • Portable and lightweight, only 1 lb
  • Automatic voice-instructions in multiple languages
  • Automatic or manual testing with customizable settings
  • Bio-Acoustic Simulator for daily calibration and checks
  • Optional wall mount and insert ear phones

*You will find other languages than English in our Download Center

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  • RA660 Access
  • Tremetrics RA660

Makes Testing 8 Times Faster

Up to eight devices, each fully equipped with an AC headset and a patient response switch, can be connected to a single PC via an interface box and operated simultaneously by just one tester. Voice-instructions are given automatically in multiple languages and the tester can also address the test subjects through the microphone.

Features for the Highest Standards

Customize the settings for automatic testing to match the specific needs of your hearing conservation program. The RA660 makes it easy to meet standards and individually set requirements with an integrated Bio-Acoustic Simulator that performs daily calibration and listening tests, as well as an optional room monitor that constantly analyzes the ambient noise conditions.

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