The name says it all

  • Fast and easy ABR + OAE hearing screening
  • Powerful ABR detection algorithm for testing within seconds
  • Truly intuitive user interface
  • On-screen guidance; i.e. probe fitting feedback, noise monitoring
  • Small and lightweight
  • Large color touchscreen for comfortable navigation
  • Very short boot-up time and long battery life
  • Cradle for wireless charging
  • HearSIM™ patient database and device manager

  • *Upgradable to easyScreen BERAphone in 2018
    **Pending FDA approval in US and Latin America
ABR TransducerIP30 with eartips or EarCups
TEOAE TransducerOAE Probe (50 or 120 cm cable length)
DPOAE TransducerOAE Probe (50 or 120 cm cable length)
Gain72 dB
CMRR>110 dB at 100 Hz
Electrode Cables3 electrode cables (black, yellow and white)
Test modemonaural or binaural
Level35 dB nHL
Impedance Test Automatic pre-test
Test duration10 s to 180 s
Stimulus Type TEOAEClick
Level TEOAE 83 dB SPL (in-ear calibration)
Analysis Bands1.4, 2, 2.8 and 4 kHz (center frequencies)
Pass Criteria 3 out of 4 bands, min 4 dB SNR, min -5 dB SPL OAE level
Test duration TEOAE4 s to 60 s   
Stimulus TypePair of pure tones                                         
Level DPOAE65/55 dB SPL
F2 Frequencies2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 kHz
Pass Criteria 3 out of 4 bands, min 4 dB SNR, min -5 dB SPL OAE level
Test duration DPOAE4 s to 60 s
StandardsIEC 60645-6 2009 Type 2, IEC 60645-7 2009 Type 2, IEC 60601-1 Type B
and BF, IEC 60601-1-2, according to the class IIa
of the EU medical directive 93/42/EEC
Docking Station
Power Supplyvia USB
PC InterfaceHearSIM
StandardeasyScreen, charging cradle, power supply, USB cable, preamplifier,

transducer (IP30 and OAE probe*), electrode lead wires, OAE probe
(50 cm or 120 cm)*, OAE probe test cavity*, carrying case, starter kit,
cleaning cloth, stylus, neckstrap, HearSIM™ PC sofware

OptionalLabel printer, ABR pass-checker

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