ERO•SCAN Enables Hearing Care in Ethiopia

Data from DPOAE screening can provide a crucial advantage in further audiometric tests and hearing aid fitting. The audiologist Constanze Schmuck experienced this first-hand in Addis Abeba, where she volunteered to provide hearing healthcare with Healing the Children Group:

“It was my second visit in Addis Abeba with Healing the Children, and just like the last visit, I again was incredibly thankful for the Ero•Scan Plus MAICO Diagnostics donated 2 years ago”.

In one specific case, Constanze worked with a team testing a boy of 10 months who didn’t react to his mother’s voice: Based on the results of a DPOAE test performed with the Ero•Scan Plus, they decided to continue with tone audiometry and were able to measure the hearing threshold in one ear via VRA and then successfully fit a hearing aid.

“MAICOs OAE device gave us an indication of his hearing function without requiring the child’s attention, so we could decide how to proceed. When we finally fitted his hearing aid and the little boy stopped crying when his mum addressed him and, instead, looked at her, was one of the best moments in my life.”

Healing the Children Group works with international volunteers to provide pediatric care in different countries around the world, and we at MAICO are happy that our donation helps them to help children grow up with hearing.

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