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Discover why MAICO Loves Sanibel

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To make hearing screening fast, easy and safe it´s not only about the adequate testing devices that MAICO is offering in a wide variety.
It´s also vitally important to rely on high quality, suitable disposables. And this is where our partner Sanibel Supply comes in.
From consumables for all types of audiological examinations like hearing screening or diagnostic evaluation, cleaning and disinfection material to test accessories –
Sanibel products are the perfect choice.

Learn more about why MAICO and Sanibel is a true love story.


MAICO Loves Sanibel

Sanibel supplies are the ideal complement to MAICO equipment. Why? Because Sanibel disposables suit perfectly to our products.

Only with Sanibel accessories you can achieve an optimal measurement quality and test accuracy. 

Always easy to use like our MAICO products.
Sounds like a perfect match - right? That´s why MAICO loves Sanibel. 

Optimize Your Hearing Screening with Sanibel Supplies!

Here we show which Sanibel products can bring your measurements to perfection. 


Sanibel Snap Electrodes for
ABR Based Hearing Screening

ABR technology is the first choice for newborn hearing screening. Reliable results require good skin contact of the electrodes. With Sanibel Snap Electrodes in combination with MAICO testing devices you can always rely on perfect and precise test results and smoothly newborn hearing screening.  

  • Large surface for best signal quality
  • Perfect adhesion
  • Easy attachable electrode wires 

Perfect for use with our: MB 11 Classic I easyScreen


Simplify Newborn Hearing Screening
with the EARturtle™

Easy to use for the tester – smooth for the baby: The EARturtle™ is a new soft and easy-to-mount earphone for ABR newborn hearing screening that adopts well to the shape of the baby’s head. You can use it with the RadioEar IP30 and other transducers.

  • Safe to apply on sensitive skin (complies with ISO 10993-1:2018)
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • User-friendly design

Perfect for use with our: MB 11 Classic I easyScreen


OAE Testing of All Ages – Sanibel Offers the Right Eartip for Every Ear

Why is the usage of the right eartip essential for accurate OAE test results? It´s because the probe must be placed securely into the ear canal. Otherwise, the sensitive microphones cannot measure the soft sounds that´re returning from the inner ear. Using the suitable eartip secures that the probe will remain in the ear canal without holding what would cause undesirable noises. Sanibel offers the right ADI eartip for every age and every ear. The advantages: less effort for the user – more precise test results for the patient.  

  • Flanged eartip with extra grip for the tiniest ears
  • Soft silicon for gentle placement in the ear canal
  • Wide range of sizes from 3 mm to 19 mm

Perfect for use with our: ERO•SCAN


Next Level Eartips: the "tri-lumen"

By using the innovative tri-lumen Sanibel™ eartips, probe tips are no longer needed. Just push the eartip on the probe body. Because of the symmetrical design, the eartip will easily find its way onto the three probe channels. The probe itself is protected by replaceable wax guards known from popular hearing aid technology. By discarding the eartip that came into contact with the patient, cross infection is avoided and cleaning effort is reduced remarkably.

  • Easiest way to attach eartips
  • Avoids an extra probe tip and reduces cleaning effort
  • Replaceable wax guards protect the sensitive parts

Perfect for use with our: easyScreen with SnapPROBETM



MAICO Tympanometers and
Sanibel™ Eartips

The “dream duo” for acoustical impedance measurement. With Sanibel™ eartips you can choose out of the perfect matching eartip for every needed size. They´re especially designed for the right fit on the probes of our tympanometers. Different colors help to choose the right eartip fast and easy. Sanibel™ eartips are made of silicon that feels comfortable to the patients skin. ADI eartips can be used on multiple devices

  • Assortment box to have all sizes available
  • Measurement starts automatically as soon as seal is detected
  • Removal tool to get quickly ready for the next patient

Perfect for use with our: easyTymp I touchTymp


Best Choice for our Audiometers:
Sanibel™ Memory Foam Eartips

For pure tone testing – especially in noisy environment – there´s no better choice than Sanibel™ memory foam eartips. They are designed for the use with all MAICO Audiometers with IP30 insert phones. The application is simple and reliable: just squeeze the eartip between your fingers – while keeping the small shape they can be quickly inserted and rest securely in the ear canal.  

  • Soft and comfortable foam & Various sizes for all ages
  • Easy insertion and secure placement
  • Bio compability according to ISO 10993-1
  • High noise reduction up to 40 dB for accurate results

Perfect for use with our: MA 42 I MA 28



Need More Information or Personal Advice?

Your local MAICO distributor is looking forward hearing from you and advice you on the most suitable hearing test disposables for your MAICO devices.


Tips & Tricks:

The right and safe usage of hearing screening disposables and consumables is truly no rocket science. But: You should keep in mind a few and important tips and tricks our experienced audiologists would like to share with you:


  • Choose the Right Eartips
    For optimal conduction and results of hearing tests the choice of the correct eartips is necessary. Sanibel offers the right eartip for every age and every ear. Using the suitable eartip guarantees that the probe will remain in the ear canal without holding. Important: Check the size of the ear canal carefully before choosing the eartip.
  • Pull the Ear Diagonally Upwards
    The human ear canal is slightly curved. To straighten that it helps to pull the ear diagonally upwards while placing the probe. It applies: If you can´t insert the probe deep enough – the chosen eartip is too big for the patient´s ear. If it falls out again – it´s too small. The probe should rest in the ear without holding.
  • Eartips are Made for Single Use Only
    As all experienced audiologists will tell you: New eartips for each patient are a must have. There are many good reasons not to save expenses here by using an eartip several times. Let’s take a closer look why..

6 Good Reasons to Use Eartips for Hearing Tests Only Once

  • icon-1
    Protect Patients Against Contamination

    Reduce the risk of cross contamination between your hearing test patients: Just cleaning the used ear tips is not safe enough.

  • 2
    Avoid Loss of Sealing

    Minimize the risk of non-sealing ear tips: Eartips degrade over time, which can make it more difficult to attain a good seal. This might lead to less accurate test results.

  • 3
    Preclude Allergic Reactions

    Allergic reactions caused by cleaning residue are rare but possible. Protect your patients from that – use eartips just once.


  • 4
    Show Appreciation

    Your hearing test patients will appreciate having a new eartip used only for them. This is building important trust between the patient and you.

  • 5
    Save Time

    Save time between hearing tests: Cleaning eartips takes time, so why not give your staff the time to do what really matters?

  • 6
    Secure Reliable Results

    Conduct hearing tests reliable and faster: Fresh eartips are more reliable and makes your hearing screening faster and easier.  



It´s important that all parts that come in direct contact with the patient be subjected to standard cleaning and disinfecting procedures between patients. This includes, among others, devices and accessories like insert phones and probe tips, ear cushions or reusable electrodes. Here are some useful tips for disinfection:  

  • Before cleaning always switch off and disconnect the device from power supply.
  • Disinfect the device housing and its accessories by wiping the surfaces with wet disinfection wipes.
  • Wipe before and after each patient
  • Disinfect all components that made contact with the patient or the patient’s clothing by wiping them with a fresh hospital-grade disinfectant wipe.

For disinfection we highly recommend the Sanibel disinfecting wipes. Why? Because audiologists and doctors worldwide rely on this bestseller. One of the great advantages: The Sanibel disinfection wipes are not affecting the device surface. 

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