portable audiometer MAICO MA 27

Dependable portability — the MA 27 audiometer is an ideal fit for all hearing professionals who need to take their audiometer out of the office. The case of the MA 27 is built sturdy and reliable to withstand the challenges of mobile audiometry. Yet it is lightweight and the integrated handle ensures easy transportation. The built-in storage compartment of the MA 27 contains the audiometer’s headphones and other accessories so your audiometer is always ready for use.

Features at a glance:

  • Air conduction audiometer
  • 11 frequencies from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz
  • Test signals from -10 dB HL to 100 dB HL
  • Pure tone and warble tone (pulsed or continuous)
  • Compact and portable with built-in handle
  • Integrated compartment for storing accessories
  • MA 27e version including automated Hughson-Westlake test, talk forward and MAICO Sessions PC Software connectable  with OtoAccess® or Noah patient database for easy data management

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portable audiometer MAICO MA 27

The Ideal Audiometer for Air Conduction

The MA 27 offers a full range of screening tests. Frequencies range from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz and signal intensities are adjustable from -10 dBHL to 100 dBHL. Pure tone and warble tone stimulus, either continuous or pulsed, complete the screening functions of the MA 27. Adjusting frequencies and hearing levels is always easy and comfortable with the device thanks to its large fingertip control knobs.

Extended Functionality with the MA 27e Upgrade

Benefit from even more functions by choosing the MA 27e upgrade option. The upgrade includes an automatic test according to Hughson-Westlake and the parameters can easily be adapted to your personal preferences. The patient database software allows you to easily manage all your test results and patient details, and transfer them to a PC. In addition, the Talk Forward function makes the MA 27e easy to work with, particularly in sound booth installations.

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