The PILOT TEST audiometer is a playful solution for children hearing screenings. It was designed for the providers who screen children and understand there is no “one size fits all” solution. The PILOT TEST offers a 2-in-1 screening method: pure tone audiometry or select picture audiometry. The child friendly design, with the colorful overlay, makes the children feel comfortable during the hearing test.

After completing the Pilot Hearing Test each kid can be rewarded with a "pilot licence" sticker and leaves the screening as a proud pilot.


Features at a Glance:

  • More than just an auditory test: Hearing – Understanding – Implementing
  • 2-in-1 screening device: pure tone audiometry and select picture audiometry
  • Pilot Hearing Test is available in different languages
  • Colorful child-friendly device
  • Full frequency range for pure tone testing (125 to 8 kHz)
  • Large colorful LCD display screen
  • Thermal printer optional
  • MAICO Sessions PC Software optional
  • OtoAccess® or Noah database optional

*Please note: This is the international datasheet. Specifications may vary by country. You´ll find all datasheets in various languages and more in our Download Center

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How Does our Pilot Hearing Test Work?

The PILOT TEST offers a game approach to the hearing screening process.  Connected to the game is a hearing test, aiming to examine hearing and speech comprehension. Furthermore, the test shows the kid’s ability to put things heard into action. Select picture audiometry is ideal for children who are unable to accomplish a pure tone hearing screening or when testing children with a disability. The goal of hearing screening is to identify children with hearing loss. The PILOT TEST gives you the tools to meet this goal.


Pure Tone Screening Audiometry

For children of school ages, the device provides a manual pure tone audiometer with ten frequencies. This full function air conduction audiometer can be used for screening measurements. With manual screening, you can choose the speed at which you present the tones. Easy fingertip operation gives you the flexibility to choose the frequency and hearing levels quickly and confidently. Results can be recorded on the optional score pads, printer or software.


Select Picture Audiometry

The child is prompted to point to different items on a picture board: “Show me the airplane!” As the test progresses, the volume is automatically reduced for each word until the minimum screening level is reached.

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