MAICO devices are the first step to accurate hearing tests — but even they need a little support from high-quality accessories. Therefore, we also offer excellent audiometer headsets and other important accessories. Here is an overview of the accessories we offer.

  • maico_dd65_v2_web

    AC Headset DD65 v2

    For MA 1, MA 25, MA 25e, MA 27, MA 27e, MA 28, PILOT Test, MA 42 and ST 20
  • maico audiometry headset dd45 with hb 7 headband

    AC Headset DD45

    For MA 1, MA 25, MA 25 E, MA 27, MA 27e, MA 28, PILOT TEST, MA 42

  • maico bone conduction headset b71

    BC Headset B71

    For MA 28, MA 41, MA 42, touchTymp MI26, touchTymp MI 36, and ST 20

  • maico bkh10 contralateral headphone

    BC Headset BKH10*

    For MA 41 and MA 42

  • maico dd45 contralateral audiometry headset

    DD45C Contra Headset

    For touchTymp Line, easyTymp Line

  • maicoeasyscreenmb11beracase10withlogoweb

    Carrying Case

    For easyScreen

  • maico-eroscan-new-printer

    Wireless Printer

    For easyTymp Line and ERO•SCAN
  • maico mb 11 beraphone printer

    Label Printer

    For MB 11 BERAphone®


*Please note: this product is not available for purchase in North, Central or South America.

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