PC Audiometer MA 33 by MAICO Diagnostics

MA 33

The MA 33 is our small, fast and flexible PC audiometer for every occasion. The operation via USB connection to your PC or notebook is very easy and the MA 33 allows numerous possibilities to highly adopt the settings to your personal preferences and needs. The software offers various fast and reliable audiometry methods.

Whether you are an ENT doctor, general practitioner, audiologist, pediatrician or work in occupational health, the various test methods make the MA 33 the ideal device for you.


Features at a glance:

  • Air Conduction, Bone Conduction and Speech tests
  • Pilot-Hearing test for children
  • SISI, Stenger and automatic Hughson-Westlake tests available
  • Intuitive handling of the clearly presented user interface
  • Operate at your convenience with your mouse or keyboard
  • Small, fast, flexible and highly mobile
  • Display and store your results in one second
  • Includes MAICO Patient Database
  • Easily expandable to future developments

*You will find other languages than English in our Download Center

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  • PC Audiometer MA 33 by MAICO Diagnostics

Automatic test – Hughson-Westlake

With the Hughson Westlake test the MA 33 can record an audiogram without any control of an examiner. Voice prompts will instruct the test person and wrong answers will be detected.

Kid doing audiometry test for speech understanding

Fast and Fun Hearing Screening With the Pilot Test

Use your MA 33 to conduct the Pilot Test, a fast and accurate speech audiometry screening for children. The Pilot Test turns hearing screening into a fun game for children during which they earn a “pilot’s license”. They hear tasks like “show me the teddy bear!” in levels decreasing from 70 dBHL to 25 dBHL and point to the correct picture until their hearing threshold has been passed. In addition to detecting severe hearing impairments, poor performance in the Pilot Test can also indicate that a child has problems with attention or speech comprehension. The Pilot Test stores up to 33 languages for testing foreign-language children.

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