Newborn Hearing Screening Methods

The two methods considered suitable for hearing screening are OAE (otoacoustic emissions) and AABR (automated auditory brainstem response). OAE testing is quick and inexpensive with regard to the equipment and disposables costs.

AABR testing takes a little more time to perform and the equipment and disposables are more expensive.
AABR typically has better test specificity, meaning that fewer babies with normal hearing will be referred for more tests.
Also, AABR detects hearing problems caused by conditions in the auditory nervous system whereas OAE only detects cochlear hearing loss.
AABR is particularly recommended for babies whose birth history puts them at higher risk for hearing loss.
  • 1. OAE



    A probe with a tiny earphone and microphone is placed into the baby's ear.



    The earphone plays sounds which cause an echo in the cochlea. The microphone detects the echo and the system determines whether the response is normal.



    The result is presented as „pass“ or „refer“.


  • 2. AABR without Disposables



    Electrode gel is massaged on areas of the baby’s head.



    Sounds are played through an earphone. Electrodes built into the device measure the brain’s response and the system assesses it.



    The result is presented as „pass“ or „refer“.


  • 3. AABR



    Disposable electrodes and ear couplers are placed on the baby’s head.



    Sounds are played through earphones. The electrodes measure the brain’s response and the system assesses it.



    The result is presented as „pass“ or „refer“.



MAICO Devices for Newborn Hearing Screening

  • maico-eroscan-1-comp

    For OAE screening and testing

    • Screening and diagnostic tests with TEOAE and /or DPOAE
    • Automated tests with Pass/ Refer and graphical result display
    • Color OLED-display and button navigation
    • 2 DP and 2 TE screening protocols
    • 5 DP and 3 TE diagnostic protocols, customizable protocols included
    • Wireless PC connection and optional printer

  • maico-beraphone-2-comp

    Screening without disposables
    MB II BERAphone®

    • Automated ABR screening for fast results
    • Integrated electrodes to save costs for disposables
    • Comfortable hearing screening for the baby without adhesive disposables
    • With automatic impedance check to indicate test conditions
    • USB connection for data transfer and recharging
    • Export patient data for tracking

  • maico-easyscreen-comp_plus_beraphone_en

    The name says it all

    • Now available with unique BERAphone®
    • Fast and easy ABR + OAE screening
    • Results within seconds due to powerful ABR detection algorithm
    • On-screen guidance for ideal test conditions and accurate results
    • Large LED-color screen for comfortable navigation
    • HearSIM™ patient database and device manager

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Did You Know?

One to two babies in every 1000 are born with a permanent hearing loss in one or both ears. Most of these babies are born into families with no history of hearing loss.