Our ERO•SCAN offers frequency specific TEOAE and/or DPOAE evaluation with easy handling. The sharp organic LED display presents line and bar diagrams for easy, direct evaluation. Choose between ERO•SCAN with screening or diagnostic functions. 

If you need an OAE hearing screening device, ERO•SCAN provides automated tests with 2 DPOAE and 2 TEOAE screening protocols. Ideal for hearing screening programs, the ERO•SCAN allows for a quick assessment of the auditory system up to the cochlea with “Pass” or “Refer” outcomes. An excellent solution for screening newborn, infant, pre-school and nursery children. Easily transfer your data after testing wireless from ERO•SCAN device to Sessions (from version 1.3.2) when using L/R mode.

Choose the diagnostic version of ERO•SCAN to benefit from advanced testing possibilities. This version adapts to the special needs of otologists, audiologists and otolaryngologists. With its extended frequency range it is also ideal for testing people of all ages. It comes with 5 DPOAE and 3 TEOAE diagnostic protocols of which 4 DPOAE and 2 TEOAE protocols can be customized. 

Features at a glance:

  • Screening and diagnostic measurements with TEOAE and/or DPOAE
  • Fast automatic OAE screening with Pass/Refer results and graphical displays
  • 2 DP and 2 TE protocols for screening devices, 5 DP and 3 TE protocols for diagnostic devices 
  • High noise immunity for operation in normal clinical environment
  • Lightweight, small earprobe
  • Sharp OLED display
  • Optional wireless printer
  • Easy wireless data transfer from ERO•SCAN device to Sessions Software for L/R mode (from version 1.3.2)
  • Optional MAICO Sessions PC software connectable with OtoAccess® or Noah patient database for easy data management


*Please note: This is the international datasheet. Specifications may vary by country. You´ll find all datasheets in various languages and more in our Download Center

OAE newborn hearing screening with MAICO ERO•SCAN

Easy-to-Use Portable OAE Device

The automated ERO•SCAN allows easy-to-operate tests with minimal training. The device is extremely intuitive and results are easy to read and interpret. The tests are completely objective as a response from the patient is not necessary and testing can even be done with background noise. The patented ERO•SCAN noise algorithm allows for reliable testing in background noise and babble as high as 55 dBSPL to 65 dBSPL which means fewer false refer results. Take the ERO•SCAN wherever it is needed; it is small, lightweight and capable of operating a minimum of 1000 tests before recharging gets necessary. The remote probe makes it easy to maneuver around the head of your patient to attain a tight ear seal.

ERO•SCAN OAE hearing screener

Keeping Track of Your ERO•SCAN Data with Database Software  

The ERO•SCAN stores up to 250 tests directly in the device. Use the database software to export your test results from the device to your PC. You can also easily export your data into Hi-Track or OZ. Using the database software also gives you the means to create letter-sized, detailed reports that you can file or fax. Create your “paperless” office by saving the test results as a PDF for electronic filing or email.


Optional Wireless Printer 

To ensure that ERO•SCAN is ideal for mobile use, we offer a portable wireless printer. The device prints test results quickly and will support you in keeping track of your data through thermal printouts. You can set your device to print test results directly or choose to print manually.

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