easyTone Review


Nancy Freese is an educational audiologist and speech-language pathologist (SLP) at Lawrence Public Schools. Here she shares her experiences with the new version of easyTone in school screening:

"I have really enjoyed using the MAICO easyTone as both a screener and gathering thresholds with students.  Thresholds with the new integrated student list or “task list” is the newest component of the easyTone. As I was using this device on location at a school, I was challenged by time limitations in an enormous facility. On a few specific occasions, I chose to use the device in a more unconventional manner by capitalizing on ... it’s lightweight and portable! It was quicker to go with the easyTone device to see some of my students in their specialized classrooms directly. I could screen them in the classroom or in a quiet area nearby. This reduced concerns with staff, transitions, and behavior compliance as it eliminated the long transition for some of my most fragile or challenging students."


Thank you Nancy for the positive feedback which we really appreciate!


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