MAICO supports Tschernobyl Hilfe e.V. 

It´s MAICO`s guiding principle to help people in need for a better and healthy future. So we are happy to announce the donation of five MA 52 Audiometer to “Aktion Tschernobyl-Hilfe e.V.”. This organization helps ill children and their parents that are still affected by the 1986 nuclear catastrophe in the Ukraine by supporting the medical facilities in the particular regions. Our MA 52 Audiometers will be used by ENT doctors and pediatricians in Kharkov and Luzk – two major cities in the Ukraine. The Donation of the MA 52s is not the first time we´re supporting the Tschernobyl Hilfe. Already in the past we´ve donated one MB 11 BERAphone and one touchTymp MI 34 to Aktion Tschernobyl-Hilfe e.V. We hope, our engagement will help to improve the health of the people in these regions. We think the organization is doing a great job and is worth further support, also by other medical companies. More information about Tschernobyl Hilfe e.V. and the possibilities of donating you can find here:



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