The new easyTone version

Your Best Choice for All Screening Programs

In June 2022 we launched our state-of-the-art Tablet Audiometer easyTone. We at MAICO are always listening to our customers for future improvements and over this past year we have been working to make easyTone even better. With the release of the new version of easyTone we can proudly say: easyTone is now the best choice for all hearing screening programs. It´s absolutely packed with new features and functionality that we know you’re going to love.


Here are Some Highlights to Make Your Workflow Even Better:

  • A secondary test operation called Pure Tone Audiometry. This is a test option built into the Protocol creation. This gives you complete control of the level adjustments in 5 dB steps to accommodate threshold determination.
  • Simple transition from Screening to Audiometry test methods allows retesting of only frequencies where a refer result was collected. This also allows for a combined report for the two tests to be managed together.
  • Display an easy-to-understand overall Pass or Refer result even for Audiometry threshold type tests.
  • Complete control over the order the frequencies will rotate through with an update to the protocol wizard. This allows less button pushes to improve test time and potential testing errors.
  • Now when exporting results to the easyTone Companion Software, the PDF reports are stored with Pass, Refer or Could Not test. This allows easily sorting and locating reports to forward on for follow up. Plus, more detailed result information in the excel document to allow uploading to electronic records.

How to Update

Sounds great, right? What’s even better: All of these features can be updated right from the device, no service technician or appointment is needed! Always having your device connected to WiFi provides the notification of the update and a prompt for installation. Simply press YES PLEASE! in the information box to update.