OtoAccess Worklist HL7 Screenshot

Worklist HL7

Worklist HL7 allows you to manage all of your audiological assessment appointments in one place. Just pick the order, perform the tests, and results are returned as test report to your hospital information system (HIS). All results of your performed hearing tests can be transferred and stored automatically in your OtoAccess® Database for easy access, review, and diagnostic evaluation. Worklist HL7 is the perfect solution for all clinics and hospitals who want to reduce the workload of your employees and focus on your patients - save 5 to 10 minutes per patient! 

Features at a glance:

  • Seamless EMR integration solution
  • Order-based HL7 versions 2.x supported
  • Built on OtoAccess® Database
  • Works independent of your instrument
  • Supports most hospital systems
  • Fast and easy implementation

Supported devices:


  • MA 25e
  • MA 27e
  • MA 28
  • MA 42 (2021 model)
  • easyTymp
  • touchTymp


  • easyScreen
  • ERO•SCAN Screener