MB 11 Classic

MB 11 Classic

Our MB 11 Classic offers fast, automated ABR hearing tests for newborns. An integrated automatic impedance check ensures good testing conditions. 


 Features at a Glance:

  • Very fast automated ABR Screening with CE-Chirp® stimulus
  • Simultaneous testing of both ears at the same time
  • Advanced FSS algorithm provides “PASS” or “REFER” result
  • Automatic impedance check ensuring precise and clear signal conditions
  • Automatic data export for easy tracking
  • Sanibel Infant EarCups™ and Snap Electrodes

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  • MB 11 Classic ABR Hearing Screening Device with CE-Chirp and attachments
  • MB 11 Classic ABR Hearing Screening Device with CE-Chirp
  • MB 11 Classic
MB 11 Classic ABR Hearing Screening Device with CE-Chirp

Faster ABR test results with our patented CE-Chirp®

The MB 11 Classic uses a patented CE-Chirp® stimulus to ensure very fast and accurate ABR Hearing Screening for infants. The CE-Chirp® stimulates all regions of the cochlea simultaneously, thus generating much higher responses and faster results compared to a standard click. With the advanced FSS algorithm, the measurement obtains very fast and accurate results. The test takes less than 3 minutes if the device detects a response for both ears at 35 dB nHL.

MB 11 Classic ABR Hearing Screening Device with CE-Chirp and attachments

Perfect positioning with Sanibel disposables

The MB 11 Classic is designed to be used with Sanibel Infant EarCups™. These special EarCups™ allow easy positioning over the ears. Together with the Snap Electrodes, they reduce the preparation time to a minimum and guarantee ideal measurement conditions. 

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