diagnostic audiometer MAICO MA 42

MA 42

Ergonomic design combined with portability and a variety of diagnostic test features — the MA 42 is ideal for Audiologists, ENTs as well as hearing aid suppliers in or out of the clinic. Perform air conduction tests with headphones or optional insert phones as well as through optional free-field loudspeakers. A B71 transducer is supplied for bone conduction tests. The stimulus options of the MAICO MA 42 include pure tone and warble (continuous or pulsed), masking can be performed with narrow band, speech and white noise. Its ergonomic design and easy handling allow for comfortable use the whole day through. Use wave files or the input ports for speech from a CD, or conduct live speech audiometry.

Set the MA 42 audiometer to fit your needs: customize the user settings to meet your individual preferences and enjoy quick, easy transitions while testing with the user-friendly button placement. The full color display supports easy differentiation between the right and left ear. Choose to print your test results directly via USB printer or store them on an SD-card or USB-stick. Use a USB-keyboard to save measurements by entering your patient’s name in the internal patient database. 

Features at a Glance:

  • Tone and speech audiometry with AC, BC and free-field testing
  • Pure tone, warble tone as test signals, narrow band, white and speech noise as masking signals
  • Special tests: SISI, Decay, Fowler, MLB, Langenbeck and Stenger
  • Mix signals and channels independently
  • Integrated patient database stores more than 1000 test results

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  • diagnostic audiometer MAICO MA 42
DD 45

Additional Testing Possibilities for Tone and Speech Audiometry

While both the MA 41 and the MA 42 provide all necessary features for speech and tone audiometry, the MA 42 adds possibilities for diagnostic testing. In comparison to our MA 41, the MA 42 offers special tests such as: SISI, Decay, ABLB, MLB, MCL, and flexible mixing as well as optional speech in noise (SIN). Choose the MA 42 if you need a variety of diagnostic features.

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