MAICO celebrates World Hearing Day. The World Health Organization (WHO) has initiated this event to raise awareness for hearing loss and care. According to this year’s theme “Ear and Hearing Care for All” we would like to share with you some special stories about activities we are involved and that are very dear to us. We also explain to you the basics of hearing loss and how to prevent it. In addition to that you will learn more about the individual measurement methods to detect a hearing problem and with which devices such tests are conducted. 

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    easyTymp in Mombasa

    As hearing care is unfortunately inadequate in many areas one of our easyTymps has travelled to Africa with ENT doctor Eger to screen children in the slum of Mombasa.

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    Interview with ENT Doctor Roman Fishchuk

    Roman Fishchuk is the founder of the "Innovative Hearing Center" in Western Ukraine and a convinced MAICO user. In this Interview you read more about his work and projects. 

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Audiological Basics 

Starting from scratch? Learn the basics in our dedicated pages.

  • What is a hearing screening test?
  • What is OAE used for?
  • ...

Just click the links and educate yourself: Audiometry | Tympanometry | OAE | ABR


Find more information on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO)

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