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Companion Software

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  • easyTone Companion software allows the transfer of a screening list to the easyTone App
  • All results are transferred back to the easyTone Companion software for further management
  • easyTone Companion software is compatible with Windows and MAC computers


easyTone Tutorials

Watch the latest easyTone tutorials. It´s the easiest way to get started with our new tablet audiometer.

  • Android Set Up  

    In this tutorial we show basic android set up functions, for the included tablet, to improve workflow of the easyTone Audiometer.

  • Protocol Setup Wizard

    Learn how to create customized screening protocols in no time. The protocol wizard assists you in the protocol creation.

  • Start Screen 

    This tutorial is to explain the different start screen options of the MAICO easyTone tablet audiometer and how to make the selection in the easyTone app.

  • Test Screen Review  

    Once the test screen is entered from the start screen, the device is ready to begin the hearing screening. This easyTone tutorial is to review the test screen operation. 

  • Result Screen Review

    After the hearing screening has been completed - the result screen appears immediately. Learn more about the result screen operation in this easyTone tutorial. 

  • Screening List Review

    This tutorial is to review the screening list operation of the intuitive easyTone tablet audiometer. 

  • Adding Screener Names

    In this easyTone video turorial you´ll learn how to add screener names and assign to a screening list within the easyTone app. 

  • Report Settings

    The easyTone tablet audiometer impresses with a digitized screening workflow. In this tutorial we show you how to review all report settings.  

  • Connect Companion Software  

    Get full functionality by using the easyTone Companion Software. This tutorial is to show how to connect the tablet to the software.

  • Upload Subject List  

    This tutorial is to show how to upload a subject list to the easyTone app, using the easyTone Companion Software. 

  • Download Subject Results

    This tutorial is to show how to download and manage subject results with the easyTone Companion Software.