easyScreen ABR/OAE combined hearing screening device

easyScreen BERAphone®

Our easyScreen unites ABR, TEOAE and DPOAE screening capabilities in one device to meet your need for a cost efficient 2-step ABR/OAE Hearing Screener. The easyScreen BERAphone® features integrated electrodes and transducer, allowing you to perform Auditory Brainstem Response screenings without the expense and waste of disposables. The integrated CE-Chirp® stimulus and response detection algorithm generate reliable results within seconds. All parts and accessories of your easyScreen BERAphone® fit neatly onto our optional cart, where they are always at your fingertips.

Features at a glance:

  • Unique BERAphone® with integrated electrodes
    saves costs for disposables
  • Patented ABR detection algorithm for testing within seconds
  • On-screen guidance; i.e. reconnect electrodes
  • Round ear cushion for larger heads (optional)
  • Truly intuitive user interface
  • Small and lightweight
  • Large color touchscreen for comfortable navigation
  • Very short boot-up time and long battery life
  • Cradle for wireless charging
  • Optional HearSIM™ patient database and device manager
  • Optional easyCart for an organized mobile workplace

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BERAphone by MAICO, the baby-friendly device for Newborn Hearing Screening

BERAphone® – Screen the Smart Way

A button on the BERAphone® lets you start the screening right where you are, at the baby’s side. The electrode fall-off detection ensures reliable testing. With color LEDs showing the selected test ear as well as impedance and ABR test status feedback, the BERAphone® makes it easy to achieve reliable results while allowing you to focus more on the baby. The spring-loaded electrodes adapt gently to any head-shape and the forehead electrode can be rotated or replaced with an optional longer electrode for smaller baby heads – a perfect fit for each and every baby. With the MAICO BERAphone®, testing the Auditory Brainstem response of small patients is a cost-efficient and baby-friendly breeze for audiologists!

Audiologist screening the Auditory Brainstem response of a newborn baby while its mother hold its head softly

Newborn Hearing Screening Has Never Been So Easy

Ideal for the use in hospitals and clinics, easyScreen is intuitive and easy to handle. Less training is needed as the ABR hearing test device comes with an on-screen guidance to help you get through all necessary steps of Newborn Hearing Screening. Our innovatice easyScreen reminds you of all important steps before testing and will inform you about interferences with your test conditions; for example too much background noise or a loose probe will trigger the device to warn you so that you can improve the conditions before testing. It has never been easier to achieve accurate Newborn Hearing Screening test results!

Baby sleeping while its hearing it tested with the MAICO easyScreen BERAphone

Powerful Stimulus and Detection Algorithm for Accurate ABR Hearing Tests

Designed to be intuitive and easy to handle, our easyScreen uses our patented CE-Chirp® which stimulates all regions of the cochlea at the same time to generate a much larger response than a standard click. This method leads to highly accurate results of Auditory Brainstem Response tests under normal nursery conditions. A powerful detection algorithm complements the efficient CE-Chirp® stimulus. Together, they achieve accurate pass and refer results within seconds.

The choice is all yours: Combine your easyScreen ABR test device with the MAICO BERAphone, Inser EarCups or OAE probe

The Choice Is Yours

Benefit from maximum flexibility: Our easyScreen OAE + ABR combo-screener can be configured to perfectly match your needs. Choose your ideal combination of Auditory Brainstem Response Testing

  • with our unique BERAphone®
  • and/or insert earphones (with or without Infant EarCupsTM)

plus optional OAE probe for TEOAE and/or DPOAE.


You want to keep your workplace organized but still flexible to move around? Our easyCart facilitates baby-friendly room-to-room hearing screening. The top shelf provides enough space for your easyScreen, BERAphone® and printer. Other bits and bobs like disposables and disinfection gel are stored perfectly in one of the practical compartments. – For an organized workplace which allows you to focus on your little patient.

Audiologist in front of PC, checking results of an ABR hearing test

Intuitive Software for Easy Data Management

easyScreen comes with a cradle for wireless charging to help you save even more time. Just put the ABR test device into its cradle and it begins to charge. While in the cradle, you can connect the device to your PC to easily transfer data. Start the data export with only a few clicks; view, manage and store patient data directly in the optional HearSIM™ software.

Video: How Do I Use the easyScreen BERAphone® Best for Newborn Hearing Screening?

Audiologists know: Valid results in one go are essential for a successful business as audiologist. Our video answers main questions: How do I use the easyScreen BERAphone® to conduct a safe and valid hearing test of a newborn baby? And how can I save money with a combined ABR and OAE Screener? How do I protect my little patient against infections and ensure high quality hearing tests for babies? All answers wait for you in our video about the easyScreen BERAphone® by MAICO!


    Video: Learn How To Operate the easyScreen BERAphone®

    From setting up the device to conducting the ABR hearing test: In our training video our expert, audiologist Florian, explains and show every single step. The easiest way for audiologists to learn how to set up the ABR screener, prepare the newborn for its hearing test, conduct the test and disinfect your equipment afterwards. Invest 6 minutes watch time and become an expert!


    easyScreen BERAphone® video content

    1. How to setup the easyScreen with the BERAphone®
    2. How to start the easyScreen BERAphone®
    3. How to setup the test environment for hearing screening
    4. How to prepare the baby for the ABR hearing test
    5. How to start a measurement
    6. How to conduct an ABR screening

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