MB 11 BERAphone by MAICO

MB 11 BERAphone®

The MB 11 BERAphone® stands for innovation in Newborn Hearing Screening — the unique, patented Auditory Brainstem Response system offers a fast automated ABR hearing test for newborns without the use of adhesive disposables. To grant babies the comfort of disposable-free ABR screening, our BERAphone® comes with integrated electrodes and a speaker with ear cushion in a single unit. With the updated PC software is the hearing screening even more efficient than before.

Features at a glance:

  • Fast and automated ABR-screening, reliable results within seconds
  • Eco-friendly BERAphone® with reusable electrodes
  • Automatic skin impedance check ensuring precise and clear signal conditions
  • Cutting-edge PC software for easy operation
  • Guided screening process with on-screen instructions
  • Flexible data exporting options for tracking


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Nurse using the MAICO MB 11 BERAphone to test the hearing of a baby while the mother holds the child

ABR System with Patented CE-Chirp® for Fast Results

Our MB 11 BERAphone® is equipped with a unique CE-Chirp® which stimulates all regions of the cochlea at the same time to generate much higher responses and faster results than a standard click. This leads to highly accurate results for Auditory Brainstem Response Tests under normal nursing conditions.

Close-up of sleeping baby while an ABR hearing test is conducted babyfriendly with a MAICO MB 11 BERAphone

Easy for You, Comfortable for the Baby

The MB 11 BERAphone® makes ABR hearing tests for newborns easier for both sides:

  • When the newborn is asleep or calm, apply the electrode gel at the three electrode sites on the baby’s head.
  • Place a drop of electrode gel on the integrated electrodes.
  • Position the MB 11 BERAphone®, surrounding the baby's ear with the earphone and resting the electrodes on the prepared sites.
  • No adhesive disposables are needed. You will save costs and the babies will not experience any pulling or pain while being tested.

Baby-friendly and cost-efficient, that is the key for effective ABR testing.

MAICO MB 11 intuitive screening workflow for more usability

NEW Intuitive PC Software for More Efficiency

Meet the new MB 11 software. For a more efficient screening process, less work and more reliable test results. With the MB 11 software, you play it safe. It guides you through the entire screening process and provides you with all the information you need. The dedicated preparation screen shows you what needs to be considered for a successful hearing screening. The EEG signal and noise level is displayed all through the test. Whenever an electrode loses contact to skin you get informed. After the quick screening test, the result is immediately displayed as a clearly interpretable "pass" or "refer" result. You can then save the test report as a PDF or print it. The software offers various exporting options for tracking and reporting purposes.

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