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Sessions is a brandnew data management software dedicated to fast and intuitive hearing screening tests. Discover Sessions and how it revolutionizes data transfer for your daily business!


Discover why this new user-friendly database is a perfect fit for your business
- from private medical office to huge hospital 

Patient response switch and audiometry headphones

Support the accuracy of MAICO devices with our variety of accessories, including the ideal audiometer headsets for your specific needs.

Noise Excluding Cabins

For the use in schools, health departments, occupational health and more, we also offer audiometric screening booths. Choose between a small and a big version to match your needs.



Sanibel disposables for MAICO devices

MAICO loves Sanibel Supply! Using the right disposables is an important step on your way towards accurate hearing tests. We highly recommend to use Sanibel disposables in order to guarantee optimal test results. Find the ideal disposables for your needs and order them from the Sanibel web shop: