MAICO easyScreen with HearSIM


HearSIM is the state-of-the-art PC application to manage newborn hearing screening data and devices. It's the first choice for screening programs with MAICO's easyScreen. If you’re using the ERO•SCAN OAE Screener for Newborn Hearing Screening, you can benefit from the comprehensive data management options as well. HearSIM ensures that screening results can be forwarded to dedicated tracking centers for follow-up on those babies who need further evaluation of their hearing status. With the possibility to enter and export all required details, your screening program will be a full success! 

Features at a glance:

  • Store, view and manage patient, test and tracking information
  • Patient transfer to easyScreen and EROSCAN
  • Configure easyScreen devices
  • HiTrack, OZ, CSV and XML tracking export
  • Built on OtoAccess® Database
  • Server client installation option
  • EMR integration via Worklist HL7

Supported devices:

  • easyScreen

Supported measurements:

  • Screening ABR

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