MA 42 diagnostic audiometer


Speed up your workflow with our new pure tone easyTone headphone audiometer. Its intuitive tablet interface and trouble-free handling enables hearing screening significantly faster than with conventional audiometers. With easyTone - you can't go wrong: it shows clear pass/refer results that do not need any further interpretation. Highly customizable and easy-to-use in the whole screening process and after - easyTone is tailored to the way you screen.

Features at a glance:

  • State of the art tablet audiometer
  • Air conduction from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz
  • Overall pass/refer result
  • Optimized screening workflow
  • Protocol wizard for easy setup
  • Direct printout of results or share to e-mail
  • Companion software for screening list management
  • Circumaural headphone for improved attenuation
  • Room noise monitoring
  • ANSI Type 4 audiometer in headphone

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MAICO MA 42 2 channel audiometer

Customized Protocols to Meet Requirements

Creating protocols tailored to your individual screening needs and test guidelines has never been easier. The quick and simple protocol wizard guides you through all frequencies and output selections creating a personalized screening protocol for improved accuracy and consistency.

MA 42 report with MAICO Sessions PC Software

Guided Screening Workflow – It's Never Been Easier to Screen

It´s all in the name. The easyTone tablet audiometer can be used with minimal training. It has been designed to save time and resources by providing a guided screening workflow. The device is operated by only two buttons: “present tone” and “save result”. Everything else – like switching test frequencies and ears - works automatically. The built-in noise monitor gives additional confidence. easyTone makes screening a breeze!

MAICO MA 42 2 channel audiometer

Innovative Audiometer Headphone

easyTone combines the power of a state of the art IEC/ANSI Type 4 MAICO audiometer in a convenient headphone. With the easyTone tablet audiometer you can bring your pure tone and warble tone audiometry to the next level! And calibration? It´s housed within the proven sound attenuating circumaural headphone. A built-in noise monitor ensures ambient noise compliance requirements.

MA 42 report with MAICO Sessions PC Software

Digitized Data Management

Frustrated by stacks of paper and hours of post-processing? easyTone minimizes the need for printed lists and for manually transferring results. Just export results as a pdf or send as an e-mail attachment. With the added Win/macOS desktop companion software you can easily exchange screening lists and results between your computer and easyTone. This saves time, resources and is cost-efficient.

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