MAICO on tour: ISHACON 2020 in India

MAICO hearing test devices for newborn hearing screening shown at the 52nd Annual Conference of The Indian Speech & Hearing Association

This February, our team joined the ISHACON 2020 in Chandigarh. The capital of both neighbouring Indian states of Punjab and Haryana is not only home to many impressive Le Corbusier buildings. It also hosted the 52nd Annual Conference of The Indian Speech & Hearing Association. Our colleagues were proud to present our MAICO audiometers and tympanometers aside other innovations at our own MAICO booth. 

A matter of the heart: Newborn Hearing Screening

Especially the hearing health of babies is a matter of the heart for us: Thus, we presented our solutions for Newborn Hearing Screening, easyScreen, easyScreen BERAphone and EROSCAN at the ISHACON 2020.

The key to our global success?

Strong local partners are the key to our global success with our innovations for hearing tests. Whether hospital or private clinic, ABR or OAE screening devices, our local sales partner Auditivo guides customers to the perfect hearing test device for their business. Below you may find a few photos of our marvelous local partners - - always a pleasure to work together! 

Review ISHACON 2020

The  52nd Annual Conference of The Indian Speech & Hearing Association offered us many insights into audiology and the industry around hearing health in India and beyond. Both our colleagues, Anke Trey and Holger Kayser, were inspired by the great people they met and the marvelous hospitality they encountered. Many visitors found their way to our booth and took a closer look at our easy to use innovations for newborn hearing screening like the easyScreen BERAphone

Check out our photo gallery about the most important audiology event in India! 

  • Welcome to the MAICO booth: Our team was waiting with MAICO audiometers and tympanometers

    Our team for the ISHACON 2020

    Interested in our intuitive MAICO audiometers? Looking for a MAICO tympanometer that is easy to use? Need a solution for your mobile audiology clinic? Ask our experts for audiological devices: Commercial director Holger Kayser (left) and Area Sales Manager Anke Trey

  • Welcome to the 52nd ISHACON in Chandigarh

    Entrance to the ISHACON 2020

    Welcome to the most important audiology event of the year in India!

  • ishacon-2020-1-teams-from-maico-medrx-iand-organizers-full

    Warm welcome by organizers' team for MAICO and Arvind Vig (Auditivo)

    The ISHACON team was great - and welcomed the teams from MAICO and MedRx most graciously! 

  • ISHACON 2020 MAICO and Auditivo present MAICO audiometers and tympanometers

    MAICO and Auditivo present Newsborn Hearing Screening devices by MAICO


    One of our esteemed and much appreciated local partners is Auditivo - here presented by Ajay Mathur

  • Connor from MedRx

    Connor Baker from MedRx

    We love India and the Indian hospitality - and our dear colleague Connor Baker was even invited to don an impressive headpiece by our local hosts. Looks marvelous, doesn't it?

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