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For students of audiology and veteran audiologists around the globe alike:

Brush up your knowledge about conducting hearing tests with our new training videos!


In our new MAICO training videos our colleague Florian teaches you the ropes. Florian is an audiologist and expert for newborn hearing screening, As part of our development team, he knows the MAICO audiometers, tympanometers and ABR/ OAE devices by heart. And you can see this in our new line of MAICO training videos clearly: Each step is explained thoroughly and demonstrated using the actual device. In order to guarantee your learning success, every setting and flick of the wrist is shown three times: By showing each step of the hearing test in the training video, by Florian explaining it verbally in the video and also in writing via video subtitles. 

Learn How to Use Our MAICO Devices Easily with Our Training Videos

Watch our Complete Training Videos or Just What You Need!

You got the choice here: For example, you may brush up on a single steps of conducting an OAE test or check out how the complete test with the easyScreen works. Whatever you need, our MAICO training video will help! The full versions are shown below. And in case you want to delve right in and check out only a single step of a hearing test, the list of links to single chapters under each videos will guide you. 

Hearing Test Devices in our Training Videos

Our training videos cover these popular audiological devices

Hearing Test Methods in our Training Videos

And these measurements are portrayed in our audiology training videos:

Our new line of training videos for audiologists keeps on growing: We will add more and more training videos about our intuitive MAICO audiometers, innovative tympnometers and ingenious Auditory Brainstem Response / Otoacoustic Emissons hearing test devices in future. Stay tuned! 



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